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Posted on: August 19, 2010 5:54 pm

Lombardi equals FAILURE.....

Lets Review:

Lombardi has failed miserably with his free agent signings. He failed even worse with Cloutier. When you didn't think it could get any worse, he hired Marc Crawford.

He did good by drafting Doughty and Schenn. Yeah, REAL HARD when you have the #2 and #5 picks.

Okay, I'll give him Simmonds and Moller... wait, I can't give him Moller as he can't seem to stay in the NHL.

He botched Stuart, he botched Visnovski and he botched Blake... twice.

But Lombardi has developed from within. Building the "core". LEARNING to win!

But free agents like Chara and Drury and Gomez and Gaborik didn't want to sign here because the team hadn't actually learned to win anything.

But then the Kings make the playoffs!!!

And still nobody wanted to play here.

Not Kovalchuk, not Martin, not Hamuis, not Bergenheim and probably not (gulp) Willie Mitchell.

What SALES PITCH are you using? "We have Manhattan Beach and... and... Paris Hilton!"

Nice going Dean.

You've managed to keep your job for five years. If any one of us had done what you've done in the time you've been here... ALL OF US would have been fired.

What exactly HAVE you done?

Stockpiled Manchester?

With what?

Voynov, who is threatening to leave to the KHL if he doesn't make the team? (And he wont). Tomas Hickey, whom everyone questioned your sanity for taking him in the first place? Is everyone going to be right? Trading Cammalleri AND your 1st round pick to take Colten Teubert who can't even MAKE the Manchester roster while Tyler Myers is the rookie of the year?


Only Hollywood rewards such ineptitude.

You have a YOUNG team yet you hire an OLD coach. How'd that work out for Pittsburgh? Oh, right. They fired the old guy, brought in the young guy and they won the cup. The Flyers fired the old guy, brought in the young guy and went to the finals. Frolov on the "checking line?" That worked out well, didn't it? Smyth and Williams flanking your superstar Kopitar? GENIUS!

Doughty isn't signed long term, Johnson isn't signed long term, Simmonds isn't signed long term. WAY TO KEEP THAT "CORE" TOGETHER! WAY TO SHOW COMMITMENT!

But you keep telling the fans, who continue to renew their season tickets that management has given you everything. Management will let you do what you want.

But you don't.

You certainly haven't IMPROVED the team, have you? You haven't shown that the hard core fans that have supported your VISION anything worthy.

So, lets leave it to the fans (what could be worse? We've already gone 40+ years without a cup.)
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