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Posted on: June 23, 2009 1:33 pm

Kings Draft

If the Kings are trying to move up to 3rd, this could certainly mean Dean Lombardi didn't like the answers he was getting from Kane, Schenn and MSP.

"Why should I trust you?" he said to Doughty last season. I don't have a Nic Lidstrom to pass the torch to you, so why should I trust you?". Apparently Doughty had a better answer than Bogosian.

Hedman recently admitted he was a Kings fan. Duchesne is rumored to be going #1.

So if the Kings move up to #3 they're guaranteed Duchesne, Hedman or (gulp) Tavares?

It's certainly nice for us fans to play GM, but it's also been a while since a top 3 pick was moved.

But, as long as we ARE playing GM, what the heck would the Kings have to give up to Colorado to GET that 3rd pick, while Colorado moves DOWN 2 spots?

Jack Johnson? Doesn't seem like he's going anywhere, unless Lombardi has an indication that Hedman drops to the 3rd spot. But is Jack Johnson an overpayment, or is he exactly what Colorado is looking for? Personally, I get Johnson's number off the books. We have Doughty and the future in Hickey as puck moving D-men. Lombardi would probably grab a "filler" July 1st until Hedman/Hickey were ready.

Kyle Quincey? Colorado could certainly use an affordable puck moving D-man, but IMO Quincey isn't enough for Colorado to drop 2 spots

Early 2nd round pick? Kings do have the 35th pick. But unless the Kings pick up a few 2nd rounders along the way, this leaves Lombardi and his staff without a 2nd rounder in a place where this is their strength (see Moller, Simmonds, Voinov). I don't see this scenario.

Which is why I believe that if Lombardi can't come away with the 3rd pick, he'll keep dropping, and dropping and dropping (much like the Islanders did last year) while picking up 2nd round assets (again, their strength), and getting a player that DID give Lombardi the right answer (I keep saying Louis LeBlanc is the darkhorse) - Burke will get Schenn to play with Schenn and Lombardi gets to grab more and more assets.

It's going to be one gigantic domino, isn't it?

It all depends on what the Islanders do, of if Burke somehow manages to pry that pick away.

Once that happens, keep your eyes focused on the Kings table. The vultures will be circling and Dean and his staff will have 15 minutes to make a decision that they'll have to live with for the rest of their (and our) lives.
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