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Posted on: June 23, 2009 1:21 pm

Dean Lombardi

When Dean Lombardi took over as GM of the Kings, fans were as excited as Michael Jackson at a sleepaway camp with the Jonas Brothers.

After shelling out a whopping 40 million bucks to sign the physical specimen Ladislav Nagy, the Silver Surfer fast Kyle Calder, the 100% healthy after major knee surgery Michael Handzus, the pylon known as Brad Stuart and the David Blaine protégé, Tom Preissing to go along with the 12 million ransom for the 36 year old loyal-to-the-bone Rob Blake and having the calm and charming Marc Crawford behind the bench, Kings fans thought (like they always do) what could go wrong?

The same thing producers ask themselves every time they hire Lindsay Lohan.

Picture Adam Lambert hosting a KKK rally. That was the chemistry. How many holes did it take to fill the Albert Hall? That’s how many the goaltenders had.

So Dean buried that blueprint and faster than Kirstie Alley at an all you can eat buffet, the veterans were jettisoned and the youth movement began. Like Lewis and Martin, Peaches and Herb, Andy Dick and a crack pipe, the Defense and Goaltending was how the franchise would be resurrected. A year later it looks to be as delicious as the Shannon Twins.

So now comes the offense.

Last season, Kopitar and Brown had the likes of Moulson, Calder, Boyle, Purcell and Lewis on the top line. They combined for 18 goals. So Dean acquired another M*A*S*H unit member in Justin (not Jason) Williams. Much like Obama’s economic recovery plan, Dean seems to have a plan, too.

So then please explain why Dean would shell out 24-32 million for Marion Gaborik (and please stop with the “only if it’s a 2-year deal”, that’s about as realistic as Elisha Cuthbert forking over sloppy 285th’s to me)?

Why would Dean want the Sedin’s, who look as cute as one of those Build-a-bears but have about as much evil and warrior in them as Potter and Weasley. (go ahead and argue, but in 8 years, 3 first round exits, 3 2nd round exits and 2 out of playoffs)

And sorry Ek, which young players is Dean going to part with in a trade for Vinny? You know, those same young players Dean has been spending his entire tenure here convincing management that this is how he intends to build this franchise. Vinny in a Kings sweater is about as realistic as Brian Engblom NOT going to Supercuts.

Sorry, Kings fans. The only new nameplates you’ll see on the ugly 3rd jersey’s in September are Moen and May.

Purcell and Moller will be better. Lewis may make the team. Boyle may finally decide he’s a better draft pick than Corey Perry (sorry, just couldn’t resist).

I just don’t want Kings fans to get too excited, because I honestly believe Dean believes this current team is as good as those that are in the playoffs minus a role player or two.
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